Monday, May 29, 2006

Time Warp

This morning as I was home schooling my 6 yr old my house increasingly became more and more out of control. My 2 yr old was very happy playing with his Bob the Builder trucks..... that talk to him? From bible to spelling I began to see the downward spiral...then math...then snack and we were really in trouble. Two hours later and finishing history and read alouds I looked around in total shock. Papers everywhere (when did that happen) toys, books, colored pencils, stickers, crayons.....The funny thing is I did not really notice it all until the end. Part of the problem is I am way more into home schooling then I am into my house...which in some ways is growth for me. We cleaned it all up and had lunch. I even mopped the floor. But I am still wondering where I was when all that took place. I was physically here the whole time...honest!!

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