Monday, May 29, 2006

Planning for next year

I am already in the throws of planning next years schedule. Our local convention is coming up this weekend and I am trying to narrow it down. This is my plan for my just turned 6 year old next year. We are mostly classical in our approach.

Language Arts
First Language Lessons
Spelling Workout A/B
ETC Book 4 (sometime through out the year)

Singapore 1B/2A
Modern Curriculum Press A/B (as supplement)

VP Ancient Egypt/OT with
Story of the World Vol 1

Living Books
Habitats (Evan Moor)
Learning to Be a Scientist (Evan Moor)

Health Safety and Manners 1 by Abeka

Studying God's Word Book B (started this already)

Primary Analogies/Critical Thinking


P.E. at Trinity

And lots and lots of good literature! Mostly recommendations by Veritas Press and The Well Trained Mind

We are leaving Latin for next year though I still get rushes of latin fever!

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Momto5 said...

Wow! You've been busy my friend. I'm just trying to start to think about it and yes convention is in 3 days. Great blog - I just read through it now back to the real world where my baby has climbed on the table for the third time this morning!!!