Thursday, May 25, 2006

Is He really in control?

"If there is a single event in all of the universe
that can occur outside of God's sovereign
control then we cannot trust Him"
Trusting God
Jerry Bridges

Last night at care group we were discussing trusting and surrendering to God. Not that I have arrived by any means but I am more surrendered now then I have ever been. God has been faithful to care for me and grow me. The main key to surrender for me has been embracing the sovereignty of God. There is peace that comes with believing and trusting that ALL things are part of His plan. I am freshly reminded of this today as I walk out God's will for my life in an area that I have longed and prayed to be different. If it was for my good and His glory it would be so! I am grateful for peace and joy even though I am not getting what I want. Where else is that possible but in the loving hands of a sovereign God.

"Every adversity that comes across our path, whether large or small, is intended to help us grow in some way. If it were not beneficial, God would not allow it or send it, "For he does not willingly bring affliction or grief to the children of men" (Lam 3:33)"
Jerry Bridges

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