Sunday, May 21, 2006

Honey For A Child's Heart

I am reading this book by Gladys Hunt. It is such good stuff. I love this quote.

"Any good book can be used by God in a child's development, for a good book has genuine spiritual substance not just intellectual enjoyment. Books help children know what to look for in life. It is like developing the taste buds of his mind as a child learns to savor what he sees, hears, and experiences and fits these into some kind of worthwhile framework.
What is unfamiliar becomes close and real in books. What is ridiculous helps children see the humor in their own lives. Sympathetic understanding is a generous by-product of sharing the emotions of others in stories. Books are no substitute for life, but a keener pleasure comes to life because of books."


Mamalee said...

Love it girlfriend, mama lee

Brief Notes from the Barretts said...

I liked that:developing the taste buds of his mind