Sunday, May 21, 2006

Domesticity and Doctrine 2

I have only started to study doctrine in the last 4 years or so. It is a refreshing and welcome change in my life. To take all the teachings of the bible on one subject and put them together to get the whole picture makes so much sense to me. I do know there are differing doctrines but I am reformed and proud of it! No desire to debate :)
Where I really began to see the fruit of studying doctrine and theology (which really is studying the bible but topically) was in my home life. In the day to day trenches of diapers, dishes, dirt and dusting things began to change. As I embraced the doctrine of the Depravity of Man I realized there was no good thing in me and that all came from him. I was going to fall and fail and I was in great need of a savior. As I began to understand justification and santification and their differences I could see more clearly that it is by faith and my works are but filthy rags. No good thing I do.... Will earn me what I need..... which is salvation! Nothing I do wrong will change his love for me or that he has paid for my sin through his death on the cross. The Doctrine of God's Sovereignty has been sweetness to my soul in some very dark times. Believing and trusting that all is under his power and care brings rest like no other thing.
Now how does this have anything to do with dishes and dirty diapers? EVERYTHING! The frame of my day is hung on these truths. I will fall short and so will my children, training them is about pointing them to the savior and not being perfect. Boy does that lift the pressure. Trusting God as Sovereign makes the interruptions (so I think) into the love of a faithful God to grow me. Doctrine has set my heart free which only serves my family, producing joy and peace. This is the base on which I must influence my children. I will influence them. What am I teaching them? Not with my words but with my life and choices. Am I clinging to truth and trusting?
I think at times it is easy for women to think Doctrine is for men. They are leaders in the church and in the home...lets just leave it to them. Though our role and priorities are different the word of God and all it entails is for all of us. It is the base from which we draw our ability to influence our children.

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